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I’m Susan Anne Mason, a writer, educator, dissertation expert, and relentless wanderer of this beautiful world. Here, you can traverse the paths I’ve walked, from my humble beginnings to my accomplishments in literature and education. Join me as I recount my diverse career, share stories of my volunteer work, and offer a glimpse into my personal life filled with love, adventure, and a deep reverence for nature.

Susan Anne Mason

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About Me

In the heart of Oregon, where the landscapes are as diverse as the people who inhabit it, I was born in 1978 as the eldest of three children. My brother, Paul, and my sister, Emma, have been my companions in countless adventures, adding layers of joy and learning to my life. My school days were not just about textbooks and classrooms; they were about discovering myself and forming lifelong friendships. 

I remember Laura, my best friend, who shared my love for literature, and Mark, who could always make me laugh no matter the situation. These friendships, formed within school walls, continue to enrich my life even today. Music, particularly the piano, has been another constant in my life. The harmony and rhythm of notes provided me an escape, a platform for self-expression that paralleled my writing. My earliest poems, often filled with teenage love and romantic dreams, would sometimes take the form of a piano ballad, blending my passion for words and music.

My literary journey was inspired by the works of Hans Christian Anderson, and Harper Lee, among others. Their stories, filled with depth and nuance, ignited a spark in me to explore the power of words. To this day, “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “The Little Mermaid” hold a special place in my heart. School also offered me my first taste of recognition for my writing. I was an excellent student, graduating with a gold medal for my academic achievements. Yet, it was the award for the best poem that I received in high school that remains one of my most cherished accolades.

It wasn’t just about the recognition; it was the affirmation of my talent and the potential of my passion. Love, too, found its way to me during these formative years. I met my future husband, a fellow music enthusiast, in our high school band. He played the guitar, and I, the piano. We bonded over shared notes, and before we knew it, we were composing the melody of our life together. His unwavering support and shared love for the arts have been instrumental in my journey. This early phase of my life, filled with love, learning, and a lot of writing, laid the foundation for who I am today – Susan Anne Mason, a writer, an educator, a traveler, a music lover, and above all, a storyteller.

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My Education and Teaching Journey

My university years at the University of Chicago were a pivotal time for me. I was not just a student, I was an active participant in the vibrant literary culture on campus. I was a part of writers’ circles where we shared our works, provided feedback, and held friendly competitions. These gatherings were more than just a pastime; they were an incubator for ideas and a space for honing my craft. During my time at Chicago, I wrote an essay titled “The Power of the Written Word: A Deep Dive into Literary Influence”. This piece, reflecting on how literature shapes society, won the annual university essay competition.

Later, I chose a more personal topic for my thesis, “The Influence of Travels on Literary Expression”, inspired by my own journeys. Defending my thesis was not just an academic exercise, it was an opportunity to share my personal narrative interwoven with my passion for literature. My desire to learn led me beyond the confines of the United States. I moved to France for two years as part of my studies. Living in a quaint French town, immersing myself in the culture, the language, and the uniquely French way of life, I grew not just as a student, but as an individual. Today, I teach French remotely, sharing my love for the language with students across the globe. I also continue to create, writing short stories such as “The Parisian Sunset” and “The Melody of Montmartre”. These stories, while fictional, carry traces of my experiences and reflections. I’ve published numerous articles in newspapers, narrating stories from my life. One such piece, “The Serenade of the Seine”, recounts an unforgettable encounter with a street musician in Paris. His soulful melodies, reflecting the spirit of the city, became the soundtrack to my French sojourn. As a professor of Comparative Literature at Chicago University, I had the opportunity to guide young minds.

My classes went beyond curriculum; I strived to inculcate in my students a love for learning, a keenness for critical thinking, and a confidence in public speaking. I remember fondly the yearly speech and writing competition I organized, aimed at fostering these skills. My teaching career has been filled with memorable moments. There was the joy of seeing a quiet, hesitant freshman grow into a confident senior delivering a captivating valedictory speech, and the pride in witnessing my students win essay competitions, inspired by our classroom discussions. However, the most defining moment came when I chose to step back from my university role after giving birth to my daughter. It was a bittersweet decision, but one that opened a new chapter in my life, allowing me to balance my passion for teaching with the joy of motherhood.

I continue to nurture my love for education by helping students remotely and writing books that make learning accessible to all. As an experienced academic and author, I’ve developed a strong expertise in dissertation writing over the years. Recognizing the challenges many students face in this critical academic endeavor, I’ve dedicated myself to providing remote dissertation advising. For several years now, I’ve been guiding students through the intricacies of crafting a compelling and scholarly thesis. My goal is to empower them with the skills and confidence to articulate their ideas effectively and contribute to their respective fields of study.

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My Writing Career

My writing journey has been marked by the creation of several educational books that aim to make learning engaging and accessible.

One such book is “Venturing Through the Pages: A Literature Guide for Learners”. This guide takes students on a journey through different periods of literature, highlighting the evolution of themes and styles. The book includes thought-provoking exercises to help students engage deeply with the texts. A favorite quote from this book is, “Literature is the mirror to society, reflecting its struggles, triumphs, and the enduring human spirit.”

Susan Anne Mason

My second book, “French: A Linguistic Voyage”, takes a unique approach to learning French. It blends grammar and vocabulary lessons with cultural insights, encouraging learners to appreciate the language in its cultural context. A notable line from this book reads, “Learning a language is not just about words and rules; it’s about embracing a world of new thoughts, traditions, and tastes.”

Susan Anne Mason

“Rhetoric and Reality: Mastering Public Speaking” is my third book. It is a comprehensive guide to public speaking, aiming to empower readers with the confidence and skills to express their ideas effectively. A favorite quote from this book is, “Public speaking is an art, a dance of words and ideas that has the power to inspire, to inform, and to move people.”

Susan Anne Mason

The fourth book, “Journey Through Writing: A Writer’s Toolkit”, offers budding writers practical advice and creative exercises to hone their craft. The book emphasizes the importance of authenticity in writing, encapsulated in the quote, “In writing, truth is the foundation. It is the breath that gives life to your words.”

Susan Anne Mason

Currently, I am working on a very personal project – a book about my daughter. Tentatively titled “Melody of My Heart: A Mother’s Tale”, this book chronicles my journey through motherhood, capturing the love, the struggles, and the countless moments of joy and learning that come with raising a child. Each of these books is a piece of me, embodying my love for learning, my passion for language, and my belief in the transformative power of words. They are my contributions to the world of knowledge, and I hope they continue to inspire and educate for years to come.

Love for the world

My Volunteering Experience

Volunteering has always been an integral part of my life. I strongly believe in the power of giving back to the community, and I’ve tried to embody this belief through my volunteer work. One of my most fulfilling volunteering experiences was with “Books for All”, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting literacy among underprivileged children. I took on the role of a mentor, guiding these young minds in their reading journey, and helping them discover the joy and value of literature. I also volunteered with “Letters of Love”, a project that encourages students to write letters to senior citizens living in care homes. The initiative aims to bridge the generational gap and combat loneliness among the elderly. I found this experience deeply rewarding, as I saw how simple words of kindness could light up someone’s day. In addition, I’ve worked with “Write to Empower”, a program that offers writing workshops to students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Here, I used my expertise to help students harness the power of writing, not only as a means of self-expression but also as a tool for advocacy and change. Through these volunteer experiences, I’ve had the privilege of making a difference in people’s lives, one word at a time. It has allowed me to use my skills and passions to contribute to a larger cause, a rewarding journey that has enriched my life in countless ways.

Susan Anne Mason

My Personal Life

I’m blessed with a loving husband and two beautiful children, who are my greatest supporters and the source of my inspiration. Our family is completed by our two adorable dogs, a constant reminder of the simple joys in life. I also have a deep-seated love for traveling. So far, I’ve set foot in 46 countries, each with its unique story and unforgettable memories. From the historic streets of Rome to the tranquil beaches of Bali, my travels have enriched my writing and broadened my perspective. Today, I reside in Alaska, a place as wild and captivating as the stories I love to write. Here, I continue to weave tales and pour my expertise into guiding students remotely, particularly in the realm of dissertation writing.  Drawing from my own academic journey and years of teaching experience, I’ve become a trusted advisor for many students navigating the complex process of crafting their dissertations. This work, though challenging, brings me immense satisfaction. I am delighted to contribute to the academic growth of these aspiring scholars, all while living a life filled with the people and things I love.

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